Lalbagh Mango Mela 2023, Price List, Location, Timing, Dates

Mango Mela Bangalore 2023 Online Booking, Price List, Location, Timing, Dates, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents.

In the last three salons, the corona epidemic spread across the country closed everything in the whole country, and forced people to stay indoors. Due to this corona epidemic, all the fairs organized every year in the whole country had to be stopped and the fairs were postponed. One such fair which was organized every year in Bangalore, that fair was also postponed for 2 years due to the Corona epidemic. The name of this fair is Lalbagh Mango Fair. Many types of fruits mango and jackfruit are sold at this fair, whose rate is very economical. A large number of people come to this fair and buy fruits. Today, through this article, we will give you complete information about Lalbagh Mango Fair’s online booking, timing, date, location, price list, etc. So stay connected with this article till the end and get complete information about Lalbagh Mango Fair.

Lalbagh Mango Mela 2023 

Lalbagh Fair is organized in Bangalore, Karnataka state. This fair was organized every year at this time, but due to the corona epidemic spreading for 2 years, this fair could not be scheduled. This year this fair will be organized at Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore. The announcement of this fair was done in the press conference held on Thursday. This fair has been announced by KV Nagaraj, Chairman, Mango Development and Marketing Corporation of Karnataka State, Managing Director. At the Lalbagh Mango Fair, many types of mango and jackfruit fruits can be bought at a discounted rate. There is a possibility of a large crowd of people at this fair. At this fair, more than 100 booths of mango will be made and more than 20 stalls of jackfruit will be fixed, on which people will be able to buy mango and jackfruit fruits.

Lalbagh Mango Mela 2023 Overview 

Mela Name Lalbagh Mango Mela
State Karnataka
Location Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bengaluru
Year 2023
Timing 10 am To 6 pm
event date 27 May To 13 June
Beneficiary any citizen of the state of Karnataka
fruits of the fair Mango and Jackfruit

Lalbagh Mango Mela 2023 Price List

The price of fruits sold at the Lalbagh fair is different and at this fair, the farmers who have mango and jackfruit trees in their fields and in this fair will set up mango and jackfruit shops and sell mango and jackfruit fruits. The rate of mango and jackfruit fruits is very concessional and in this fair mango and jackfruit fruits will be sold at cheap rates. The price details of mango and jackfruit fruits are as follows.

Fruit Name Price
Mango Rs.30 to Rs.120 kg
Jackfruit Rs.12 to Rs.20 per dozen

Mango Mela Lalbagh Timings

The Lalbagh event will be organized this year at Lalbagh Botanical Garden located in Bangalore. Any citizen of Karnataka state can participate in this fair. Lalbagh Mela is a fruit selling and buying fair in which mango and jackfruit fruits will be sold at very discounted rates. This fair will start at 9 in the morning and will be closed at 6 in the evening. This fair will last for a total of 18 days.

Mango Mela Lalbagh Dates 

The dates for organizing the Lalbagh Mela have been announced, the details of which are as follows.

Start Date – 27 May 2023

End Date – 13 June 2023

Number of Days of the event – 18 days

Lalbagh Mango Mela 2023 Location

Lalbagh Mela will be organized in Bangalore. This fair will last for 18 days and many people will participate in this fair and buy mango and jackfruit fruits at very discounted rates. This fair was postponed for 2 years, so this fair is being organized after 2 years. This fair is being organized at Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore.

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